The Love & Life Foundation is constantly working to facilitate large-scale humanitarian efforts to sustainably aid communities in the wake of crisis.

A Community Lifeline

With the immediate crisis of Hurricane Dorian in the past, we’re trying to help the Bahamas provide beds and shelter for the thousands left homeless in the storm’s wake. Our group and others need immediate help when it comes to two crucial things: mobilizing pilots and acquiring fuel. We need financial resources to continue operating aircraft and other marine assets. Please contribute below if you can.


‘The situation here is coming to a place of stabilization,” Wideman said. “We’re not stopping. We’re turning this into a rebuilding effort. We want to see The Bahamas get better, and see people live and love their lives.”

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So much more is needed

The recovery process is slow. Much of the Bahamas commerce was wiped out. And we’re nowhere near done helping. If you can, please donate below, say a prayer, or remember much of the Bahamas economy depends on tourism, so please visit one or more of the 14 other major islands in the Bahamas not affected by Hurricane Dorian, including Nassau on the island of New Providence.

Bahamas Restoration

What started as an initial drop off of supplies has turned into a large scale operation to rebuild these broken communities from the ground up. We’re currently donating 50 units of full home furnishings a month to the people of the Bahamas rebuilding their homes. We have 1000 units in our warehouse donated from a time share. Your donation can help offset the costs of fuel for these barges and allow us to make more trips!