Help us deliver shelter to the displaced.

Mobilizing shelter via Shiftpods is the fundamental focus of our organization. With 750 donated, we are able to house over 5,000 people. Our goal is to see no family or individual without shelter or a temporary home. Along with shiftpod, we aligned with a mattress company that provides Tempur-pedic mattresses at a fraction of the cost, enabling a good nights rest to ensure quality efforts as they attempt to rebuild their broken homes. 

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You can be a part of this mission by donating SHIFTPODS to the Love & Life Foundation, making this an effort of countless hands and feet working towards the common goal of restoring and rebuilding


With a new synthetic down micro-fiber insulation our composite super-fabrics reflect and retain heat better than ever and even dampen outside noise.

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22 Seconds

With practice one person can set up our shelters very quickly. Setting stakes, lines and zipping in the floor will take another couple of minutes.

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Our products utilize the most advanced NASA inspired technologies and patented composite fabric coatings to reflect the heat of the sun and retain warmth when it gets cold.

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Wind Resistant

In a recent demonstration these shelters survived sustained winds of over 100MPH. The Shiftpod team's personal experience ranges from no wind to more than 50 MPH sustained winds.

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