Hurricane Dorian, a devastating Category 5 hurricane, is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country’s history. The restoration has only just begun.

We had to do something.

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian, my wife and I wanted to do something to help. So I asked a friend if he knew where I could find a Black Hawk helicopter. Two weeks later, our Love & Life Foundation team and our partners had flown dozens of flights on the affected islands of Grand Bahama and the Abacos, delivering tons of food, medicine and equipment and becoming a lifeline for entire communities.

Now, with the immediate crisis past, we’re trying to help the Bahamas provide beds and shelter for the thousands left homeless in the storm’s wake and begin the second phase – reconstruction part. But we need immediate help when it comes to three crucial things: mobilizing pilots, acquiring fuel and purchasing more SHIFTPODS.

Our mission has
only just begun...

Non-governmental organizations and nonprofits have hundreds of thousands of pounds of supplies in hangars ready to move, but he said the stream of planes and helicopters needs to continue. Please help us restore the Bahamas.


Our foundation provided over 750 tents (SHIFTPODS) – enough to shelter 6,000 people.


Our organization has many supplies the Bahamas still desperately needs in warehouses. We need donations to fund shipping containers. We are now transitioning from plane transport to barge transportation.


We organized hundreds of plane and helicopters flights delivering over 500 tons of food, water, medicine and other relief supplies along with transporting evacuees out of harms way in the weeks following Hurricane Dorian.

Food & Medical Supplies

We delivered over 200,000 pounds of aid and supplies.

Our Projects

With both the frequency and intensity of natural disasters on the rise around the globe, there’s an urgent need for organizations like ours to respond and help impacted communities recover. With your help, when a natural disaster strikes, we’ll arrive early and stay late to address the immediate and long-term needs of affected-communities. Please join us with a donation, partnership or interest to volunteer.

Free Food Box Program

Every Friday we distribute Free Food Boxes from 6-8 PM in partnership with Farm to Families and the River Orlando Church, donating tens of thousands of pounds of fresh produce from local farms to families in need during these challenging times.

Bahamas Restoration

What started as an initial drop off of supplies has turned into a large scale operation to rebuild these broken communities from the ground up with continued relief, temporary housing, and spiritual support.​


Mobilizing shelter via Shiftpods is the fundamental focus of our organization. With 750 donated, we are able to house over 5,000 people. Our goal is to see no family or individual without shelter or a temporary home. Please help us purchase more shiftpods.

will you help?

Let's Rebuild.

What started as an initial drop off of supplies has turned into a large scale operation to rebuild these broken communities from the ground up. We’re currently donating 50 units of full home furnishings a month to the people of the Bahamas rebuilding their homes. We have 1000 units in our warehouse donated from a time share. Your donation can help offset the costs of fuel for these barges and allow us to make more trips!