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Our story

The Love & Life Foundation is constantly working to facilitate large-scale humanitarian efforts to sustainably aid communities in the wake of crisis. Following most natural disasters, situations are dire and thousands of people need food,  water and medical attention.

The Love & Life Foundation is a 501C3 that fills the transportation gap between NGOs and larger government organizations by providing these basic necessities via helicopter, plane, and boat. We’ve only just begun this journey, will you join us?

Free Food Box Program

Every Friday we distribute Free Food Boxes from 6-8 PM in partnership with Farm to Families and the River Orlando Church, donating tens of thousands of pounds of fresh produce from local farms to families in need during these challenging times.

Bahamas Restoration

What started as an initial drop off of supplies has turned into a large scale operation to rebuild these broken communities from the ground up with continued relief, temporary housing, and spiritual support.​


Mobilizing shelter via Shiftpods is the fundamental focus of our organization. With 750 donated, we are able to house over 5,000 people. Our goal is to see no family or individual without shelter or a temporary home. Please help us purchase more shiftpods.