The Love & Life Foundation, together with technology and global disaster management partners is changing the way we handle a pandemic. 

It Takes a Village

Love & Life Foundation has partnered with DMG (a global Disaster Management Group), Promero.com and SalesForce to configure an emergency management solution for COVID-19. Together we will empower medical facilities across the country with the resources and tools that they need to manage this pandemic. Donations will go to the homeless. Donate $25 for one COVID-19 rapid response blood test for the homeless. Donate $500 for one individual quarantine shift pod and bed for the homeless. 

Our partner DMG has been a federal contractor for 20 years, providing  Base Camp Services globally, responding to medical and natural disasters by deploying field hospitals, communities in the desert, off grid villages, and more. DMG was contracted on Super Bowl weekend to build the very first US soil quarantine facility in Miramar, Florida. Since then we’ve been contracted by the CDC for 11 facilities and 20,000+ beds coast to coast.

What We're Doing

What we saw two months ago was that we were going be hit, and hard in the United States, so we got to work creating a set of tools for our government and policy makers to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, create information so that they could make informed decisions, and empower them with the tools through our technology and Base Camp Services, to physically test and manage a large patient experience. With DMGapp and DMGtesting, we can provide our leaders the ability to test all their first responders, randomly test the entire population, provide one-stop drive-up facilities, giving patients results via one finger-prick of blood, in 15 minutes. All donations will go to making sure the homeless have access to COVID-19 testing and medical care. 


The homeless need access to COVID-19 testing and medical care. One rapid response blood test is $25. One individual quarantine shift pod and bed for the homeless is $500. Any amount helps this great cause.